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BRC Certification, British Retail Consortium certification consultancy service in India

These food quality and safety standards are published by retail trade groups. Any company wishing to supply its food products to those retailers must meet the required standards.  Demand for food safety is growing. Consumers and authorities increasingly demand that the food we eat should offer high levels of quality and security. We provides BRC certification for Food, Consumer Products, Packaging and Storage & Distribution suppliers. The standard has been adopted by food manufacturers throughout the world, especially by those organizations supplying British retailers. Third-party certification to the standard helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers fulfil their legal obligations and safeguard consumers. The standard covers a comprehensive scope of product safety areas, as well as the legal and due diligence responsibilities of both the supplier and the retailer.
Benefits of BRC:
Access to your markets in the UK, Germany and FranceStrengthened relati…